Object: Vase

Pottery Vase

Italy, Southern Europe
before 1967
Materials: clay, glazes

Museums often hold objects and collections about which frustratingly little is known. This attractive vase is of considerable value to the Division of Ethnology at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History because it is one of only a few objects of material culture in its collections that are sourced to Europe. The field of anthropology aspires to understand and interpret the human story across space and time. In museums, this lofty goal is difficult to pursue when anthropological collections are unevenly patterned, either temporally or spatially. Less than one quarter of one percent of the SNOMNH collection comes from Europe. Thus for purposes of, for instance, doing a student exhibition on pottery around the world, this vase would be a crucial resource. Here is where the lack of adequate documentation accompanying this object reappears as a problem to be dealt with. Can you help? Do you know something about the kind of pottery that this piece exemplifies? Museum records suggest that it is from Italy, but even this fact is a bit uncertain. If you can help SNOMNH understand this item better, let us know what you know via a comment to this weblog or via email to dcswan (at) ou (dot) edu. [Jason Baird Jackson]

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