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Ethnology @ SNOMNH is an experimental weblog that makes the collections of the Division of Ethnology at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History more accessible to all audiences–source communities, students, the general public, and research scholars. It is hoped that, in addition to making information available from the museum to various audiences, that those who visit the site will feel encouraged to share, when appropriate, their own knowledge and experience of, and with, the kinds of objects and stories conveyed on the site. Comments on particular postings are one way to accomplish this. Email to the division staff is another. Please address comments to dcswan (at) ou (dot) edu.

About the Division of Ethnology at the SNOMNH

Ethnology is the study of human cultures and societies, both in their own terms and comparatively across space and time. At the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, the work of the Division of Ethnology includes the fields of classical archaeology and non-Western art history.

The Division of Ethnology curates extensive collections of traditional art and material culture from societies around the world. These collections are especially strong for the areas of Native North and Central America. In addition to 19th and 20th century ethnographic objects and art, the division holds the Fred and Enid Brown Collection, one of the nation’s best public groupings of 20th century American Indian fine art. In addition to Native American materials, other highlights include outstanding collections from the classical Mediterranean and from East Asia.

Research in the division currently focuses on ethnographic and archival projects undertaken in collaboration with contemporary American Indian communities in Oklahoma and the western United States. Topics and issues include ethnomusicology, traditional arts and material culture, ethnohistory, folklore and folklife, and cultural persistence and change.

The Division supports the exhibition projects of the museum. Exceptional works from its collections are presently exhibited and interpreted in the museum’s Fred and Enid Brown Special Exhibitions Gallery, its World Cultures Gallery, and the People of Oklahoma exhibition. New exhibition projects are presently in development.

Daniel C. Swan serves at the Division’s curator. Find out more about Dan’s work, here.

Ethnology @ SNOMNH is an experimental weblog for sharing the collections of the Division of Ethnology at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.


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